Thoughts on the New Year

Hello All!

I have been pondering for some time how I want to approach this New Year:

This next year will bring a lot of new changes and challenges for me. I do not yet know what those challenges will be, but my actions in the coming year will set the course for the rest of my life. That sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it? Every new day is the beginning of the rest of our lives, but this next year will be the deciding moments and the beginning of what I consider to be my adult life. For this reason, I will spend a great deal of time this next year and on this blog considering my prospects in the future.

To the Past

However, on this New Year’s Eve, as I consider the changes that lie before me, I want to look back and consider what, from now, I intend to carry with me. I have gone through many changes and learned many things in the last three and a half years, nearly all of which have been outside the classroom, and the most important thing I hope to take with me is the people I have met along the way. The most valuable lesson I have learned is the true value of my relationships with others.

There are other lessons too- personal lessons that I have been mulling over and I’m sure will later make their appearance here on this site. These things that I carry with me in my heart will act as a compass in an uncertain future.

To the Future

However, on to the future! It is New Year’s after all. New Year’s is for changing habits, setting goals, and for new directions. However, I have never had much luck with New Year’s Resolutions. For me, they tend to grow stale around March, and by mid-summer they lay long forgotten as my attentions turns toward new endeavors. The New Year’s Resolution however is an admirable concept, however, and one that I am quite taken with. A nearly universal ritual in which people submit to self-evaluation and make efforts to improve their lives is simply wonderful. I love goals, plans, and projects, but I have come to realize that resolving something for a whole year, is not for me. I have a more fun idea…monthly resolutions!

Last year, every month, I changed something about my diet to see what made me feel better. One month I stopped eating meat and found that I felt better. My diet ever since has consisted of considerably less meat. Another month I cut out dairy and found that it had no affect whatsoever cutting it out, or resuming eating it in copious amounts a month later. Another month I cut out the crux of my diet: bagels and found I made much healthier choices throughout the day.

These monthly experiments were easy to handle, provided great value for their duration, and permanently changed some of my habits for the better through the combination of awareness and developed custom. So, for this year, I am going to make ONE resolution for each month through which I hope I will form some positive and lasting habits.

January Resolution: Contact someone each day that I care about, but haven’t spoken to in a while.

The Present

How hard it is to remain in the present, and yet that is the best place to be. In this moment, I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with. In this moment I am happy because I can be. For all my future plans, I know the key to living my best life is knowing that I carry the best things with me. All the happiness, love, and joy I could want are not things that I intend to find on my journey. They are things that I carry with me to share, wherever it may take me.

Live well,



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